The eBioAtlas team are working with conservation organisations, investors aiming to minimize the impact of funded projects, donors wanting to maximize biodiversity benefits of their investments, businesses looking to avoid or minimize site-based biodiversity impacts, and governments and multi-stakeholder organisations needing to track progress on international commitments to protecting and restoring biodiversity.

Implementing Partners

Fauna & Flora International

“eDNA’s usefulness will only grow over time, as more and more data become available to allow comparisons and cross-referencing between scientists around the world, so FFI is delighted to support the eBioAtlas programme.”

– Angelique Todd, Senior Programme Manager, West and Central Africa – Fauna & Flora International

Funding Partners

FootPrint Coalition Logo

“How can we protect the planet without first knowing what we need to protect? We have done a poor job of tracking biodiversity and the impact humans have had on it. NatureMetrics is pioneering one of the first technologies that can give us the ability to quickly and easily quantify and analyze the diversity of species that exist in the world so we can better understand them and prevent their extinction.”

– Rachel Kropa, Managing Director – FootPrint Coalition

Business Partners

Anglo American Logo

“eDNA analysis enhances the way we evaluate risk and meet – or even exceed – environmental regulations, track progress towards biodiversity targets, and reduce monitoring cost and efforts. Anglo American strongly supports the eBioAtlas initiative and looks forward to working with its partners and collaborators to deliver this programme.”

– Warwick Mostert, Biodiversity Principal – Anglo American

“We’re delighted to be establishing a partnership with NatureMetrics and the innovative eBioAtlas project. As an adventure travel company with a mission to improve life for people, places and planet, we’re excited to work with NatureMetrics to enable our clients to collect freshwater samples on their global adventures, thereby using our business model to contribute towards this crucial work for the long-term conservation and restoration of biodiversity.”

Kasia Morgan, Head of Sustainability and Community – Exodus Travels

Viña Concha y Toro Logo

“For Viña Concha y Toro, the relationship with land and its ecosystems is vital. In order to continue strengthening the relationship with our flora and fauna, the first thing is to know the richness of species that are present in the ecosystems of our vineyards. More than 15 years of experience in conservation invite us to take this next step, using advanced eDNA technology and contributing to generate the largest conservation network on a global scale.”

Valentina Lira, Sustainability Director – Viña Concha y Toro

Hear from our supporters

Alliance for Freshwater Life Logo

“The eBioAtlas is a unique initiative for freshwater biodiversity and it is amazing to see the alignment with our work. Such a leap forward in data collection and mobilisation will greatly enhance our understanding of the global distribution of freshwater life, supporting its protection and restoration in inland water ecosystems.”

– Dr. Sonja Jähnig, Executive Board Member – Alliance for Freshwater Life

The Biodiversity Consultancy

“This is a great initiative by IUCN and NatureMetrics, as access to reliable data for freshwater fish and other species is key to successful biodiversity risk management and habitat restoration – the more data gaps we can fill, the more effective our mitigation and conservation actions will be.”

– Gina Walsh, Principal Consultant and Freshwater Ecologist – The Biodiversity Consultancy


“CEPF is a strong supporter of eDNA as it is an effective way to trace the presence of species that are cryptic or suspected to be locally extinct. We welcome the joint project being developed by IUCN and NatureMetrics to establish a global map of freshwater biodiversity, harnessing the power of eDNA to provide species data from water samples collected by local stakeholders and citizen scientists around the world.”

Olivier Langrand, Executive Director  – CEPF

“Nature doesn’t need us, but we need nature. eDNA is painting the much needed data tree of life and we are proud to partner with and support NatureMetrics. We provide students with in-situ conservation experiences and after we integrated these biodiversity assessments we were able to support them in furthering their research skills whilst contributing to our science based targets. Being a Bcorp is about people, planet and place and the technology that NatureMetrics provides allows us to connect all three.”

Ian Taylor BSc (Hons), Founder, Flooglebinder

The Riverfly Partnership (hosted by the Freshwater Biological Association)

“eBioAtlas will provide an exciting opportunity for our volunteers to add a new tool with which to monitor their sites, especially river restoration projects, using cutting-edge DNA methods. This will further up-skill volunteers and provide them with new, in-depth, insights into the biological impacts and nature of stressors on river ecosystems, how these stressors might be mitigated, and how successful their river restoration projects have been.”

– Steve Brooks, Chair – The Riverfly Partnership (hosted by the Freshwater Biological Association)

Freshwater Biodiversity Observation Network (FWBON), part of the GEOBON family - logo

“We believe that eBioAtlas is an exciting and timely initiative that could revolutionise biodiversity monitoring in freshwaters.  The use of cutting-edge environmental DNA technology will significantly reduce the cost of freshwater biodiversity monitoring programmes and could result in many new large-scale programmes across the globe.”

– Dr. Eren Turak and Dr. Andreas Bruder – Co-chairs, Freshwater Biodiversity Observation Network (FWBON), part of the GEOBON family

“We have used NatureMetrics kits for citizen scientists in two projects now. The simple kits have enabled our staff and volunteers to capture rich biodiversity data in a way that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.”

– Dr Stewart Clarke, National Specialist – Freshwater, Catchments and Estuaries – National Trust  

Resilient Landscapes Logo

“Measuring and monitoring natural capital impacts of businesses and investments are absolutely critical to achieve corporate and global goals for biodiversity conservation. However, without initiatives like eBioAtlas which aim to establish biodiversity baselines using innovative eDNA collection, it will be close to impossible for companies, sub nationals and sovereigns to measure and assess their progress.”

– Nitin Sukh – Innovative Finance Specialist, Resilient Landscapes

ShareAction Logo

“The investment sector’s growing interest in biodiversity is hindered by poor data on site-specific risks and impacts. Investors won’t take meaningful action on the biodiversity crisis until furnished with better data. ShareAction welcomes this powerful initiative to bridge the nature data gap.”

– Catherine Howarth, Chief Executive – ShareAction

“More than one third, at least 6000 species, of all freshwater fish are threatened with extinction. The window to act is closing and we need data on species distributions as soon as possible.  For Shoal, as the global partnership to end extinction for freshwater fishes, the data and information made available through the eBioAtlas will be an essential tool to speed up our efforts.”

– Mike Baltzer, Executive Director – Shoal  

“Improving our understanding of freshwater biodiversity is critical if we are to protect it. I’m delighted to see the launch of this important and much needed programme from IUCN and NatureMetrics.”

– Kathy Hughes, Freshwater Biodiversity Leader – WWF