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We need to establish a network of partners and collaborators with on-the-ground capabilities throughout the world and expertise in delivering conservation projects with multi-stakeholder involvement.

We are calling on governments, businesses, conservation organisations and local community initiatives to help us identify projects to meet our target of collecting 30,000 eDNA samples.

Sponsor a project

Sponsoring a Project

Businesses can sponsor the collection and analysis of eBioAtlas samples in particular river basins. This could be linked to the region where you operate or you can choose one of our profiled sampling opportunities to sponsor.

The cost of sponsorship is US$ 50,000 per package of 100 eDNA samples. This will cover approximately 500 km of river length, with the exact location of the sampling points within the landscape being chosen by the eBioAtlas team to align with project goals. Sponsorship money is paid into the eBioAtlas fund, held by IUCN.

Submit field sampling opportunity

Submitting a field sampling opportunity

Are you planning an expedition or a project that could be an eBioAtlas water sampling opportunity? Or perhaps you work in a landscape where you could collect samples for the programme. If you’d like to be equipped with sampling kits to help us add species points to the map, submit your project details here for consideration.

Sampling opportunities should ideally cover at least 500 km of river length, a significant area of wetlands or over 100 km of ocean sites, although opportunities to gather smaller numbers of samples from particularly significant or hard-to-reach sites will also be welcomed.

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